What is the difference between a MBA and MBL?



The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is probably the worlds best known and most widely recognized postgraduate degree. MBA programs are run throughout the world, as they are seen to be relevant for the preparation of people for work in management irrespective of the industry, business sector, the nature of the economy, etc.

The name of the degree is however sometimes misleading for example this degree is not only relevant and of value to those in 'business' but also for those in government, the public sector etc. The main focus of the degree is also not necessary administrative of nature. The MBA degree title has always been used in the USA - where it was first developed, but not always in other countries. In this regard there are programs which look very much like what other Schools would call an MBA but have other titles. Such titles include MBL (Master of Business Leadership), MBS (Master of Business Studies), MSc and MA as well as more specialist degrees. Often such programs are seeking deliberately to differentiate themselves from other programs. This is true in the case of the MBL as the SBL prides itself on their focus of Leadership as opposed to Administration.

Your choice should be influenced by two main considerations - your needs and your circumstances. Potential MBA program participants will want to be clear about what they want to gain from a program - in terms of the skills or competencies they wish to develop, whilst also being clear about what is feasible and appropriate for them - e.g., to fit their budget, time availability, location, etc.

Programs differ enormously in what they offer, the type of experience they provide, their cost, accessibility, duration etc - so careful research will be needed in order to make the right choice. To assist you with your choice it is recommended that you read more about your options on and